Half-Life Creations — "Building on 10 years of creativity."

The Site

Half-Life Creations was envisioned in 2006 and later established in 2007 by Thomas "Editor321" Rogers and James "Minuit" Marchant. It was designed to be a haven for 3D artists, 2D artists, programmers, and other forms of crafts with the Half-Life games, mods, and engines.

It is the mission statement of this web site to provide a professional atmosphere in one of the most well respected gaming communities. Third party developers have shown us Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and many other total conversion modifications can be improved upon by the talent in these communities. We hope to build an all-in-one workshop where creators can chat, exchange ideas, release work, and find web hosting for their own projects.

Not only will creators find a home here, but people new to the scene of third party development will be able to witness the expertise outside of the professional gaming industry.

The Team


Hey folks I'm Editor321. I started Half-Life Creations with James in 2007 and it's been too much fun working with the community since the day we opened. My history begins in design back in 2001-2002 when I started working on Day of Defeat learning the ins and outs of custom content. I moved on to work on Opposing Force: Redux I tinker in very basic model and skin work but love working with sound, video, and web design. Oddly enough I cannot code a game or skin a model very well but I can build good websites, this new design sadly wasn’t one of them. I hope you enjoy your stay and if you would like hosting for your project, let James or I know.


Hi. I'm James, or Minuit. I'm an old-school Half-Life modder. In other words, I'm too terrible at everything to learn modern tech. It's too hard and I'm too fat. I've worked on a number of Goldsource (and a few Source) projects, with my current mod Cry of Fear taking up most of my time lately. I've been involved in the Half-Life community for about 8 years, but I think I've lost count. I can be contacted via private message on the Half-Life Creations forums if you have any (non-stupid) questions. I'll be glad to answer.


Some of you may know me back then as RavenGT instead of my current anonym Charlie Cyprus. My appetite to personalize things to call my own had always driven me to learn the know-how by meddling with software, whether it's Valve Hammer Editor or Geocities PageBuilder. Over the years I've released Goldsource content from model reskins, model hacks, multiplayer maps, to menu interfaces. I've also worked on a milestone release of Half-Life Bumper Cars during my junior high years. While my experience with 3D and level design are extremely limited, I specialize in graphic design and decided to lend my talent to this website. I've produced web designs for Half-Life Creations in the past, and returned once again to help commemorate its tenth year and beyond.

The Decade

A word from co-creator Editor321

Today I get to mark an incredible milestone with you all: Half-Life Creations has officially turned 10 years old.

James and I had our humble start January 25th 2007 with a vague idea of doing a service for the Half-Life modding community; provide a space for people to work on what they were passionate about without having to worry about costs for a web presence. We have offered hosting to several projects that we are proud to say had their start here on Half-Life Creations. From Cry of Fear, The Gate, Heart of Evil NE, DiamonD's HL Packs, Arrangement, the PC port of Half-Life Decay, Frag Out, Shephard's Mind, Shotgun Sunrise, Half-Life Zombie Edition, HIT Model Depot, several portfolios for people who have since gone to work in the industry, to hosting the archive of one of the best Half-Life related podcasts ever recorded, Podcast 17.

We have had the opportunity to do so much beyond just hosting. We had the pleasure of hosting two game tournaments with a sponsor, and participate in collaboration with several Half-Life communities to learn and grow together. I've had the opportunity to talk with many community members, to catch up with them and their lives outside of the modding community. Many have even found work in the gaming industry.

It has been an absolute pleasure and a fantastic trip these last 10 years. Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere, even if the community has slowed down. If there is a need for web hosting for a Half-Life based project, you better believe that the doors of Half-Life Creations will be open to them.

Lastly, a very special thank you to all of our community members that have supported us throughout the years. Too many people to name have donated their time, talent and resources to make Half-Life Creations what it is today. It means a lot to James and I to have your support for such a long duration.

Now, what would a 10 year anniversary be without some nostalgia?

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  • 2007 revision
  • 2010 revision
  • Originally written on January 24, 2017